Winnie The PoohThe Book of Pooh Stories From The Heart

The direct to video movie, Stories From the Heart.

The Book of Pooh is a show that originally aired on Disney Channel's former Playhouse Disney programming block from 2001 - 2003. Despite the mass popularity of the Winnie the Pooh franchise, this is one of the rarest Winnie the Pooh shows with 51 episodes produced and only 12 of them released on home video. Although the direct to video movie "Stories From the Heart" recycles 3 episodes, the order of the individual stories is switched around and differs from the actual episodes. Additionally the original English versions of several songs have been released on compilation albums. But apart from these releases and the recordings of a very few people who taped the show when it was still on Playhouse Disney, at least half the series remains to be seen.

The entire series, save for one episode, has been recorded in German and was previously available for download. However, due to the recent change in policy for the site the episodes were uploaded to, the links no longer work and the original uploader has not replaced them. Furthermore, the German dub used the original versions of the Season 1 episodes (before recaps were added to the show) making several recaps still missing. Even still, the original version of any Season 1 episode (with no recaps and an extended closing song) in English has yet to surface. The chances of such a find are unfortunately very slim as recaps were added to the show as early as July 2001 meaning someone would have to have recorded the show very early in its run to have an original.

Simply put, the whereabouts of Book of Pooh are unusually confusing and elusive for a Disney show.

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