The Buzz On Maggie (Maggie, una mosca con onda in spanish), was a Canadian-American cartoon produced by Disney Television Animation & Bardel Entertainment, along side with Teacher's Pet, this is one of the most forgotten show in Disney Channel.

In late 2005, the show was dubbed by Estudio Candiani, but the abruptly cancellation of the show and the lack of promotion by the channel made the dub lost.

It's unknown if the show will come to Disney+...

Media Found:

A bumper with many scenes of Rayna in spanish (including the logo of the show in spanish)

was found by Telearchivos in Youtube, however his account was recently takedown by unknown reasons (possibly copyright), miraculously another user reuploaded the bumper.

Disney Channel LA - Maggie, una mosca con onda (Promo 2006)

Disney Channel LA - Maggie, una mosca con onda (Promo 2006)

Spanish Cast:

Maggie Pesky: Jessica Ortiz

Pupert Pesky: Luis Daniel Ramírez

Aldrin Pesky: Arturo Mercado Jr.

Sr Jonesy Pesky: Arturo Mercado

Frida Pesky: María Santander

Rayna: Erica Edwards

Dawn: Gaby Ugarte


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