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The Care Bears Family is an animated television series based on the Care Bears franchise produced by Nelvana, which originally aired between 1986 and 1988 in syndication; on the ABC network.

During the show's first 13-episode season, originally aired on ABC Saturday mornings from September 13, 1986 to December 6, 1986, and shown in reruns through the 1986-87 season, the episodes originally includes a 30 second PSA after each episode.

The original 6 PSAs features the Care Bear, Share Bear, voiced by Patrice Black, as she "shares a lesson in caring".

  • The PSA's focus on sharing, picking up trash, showing and remind people you care, sharing feelings, and trying your best.

As of 2019, all 6 PSAs are uploaded on the Youtube Channel, Matthew McMicking (McBearNB), in 2011.

Confirmed by some comments and videos on Youtube...




It's Never A Waste

  • The "Sharing" PSA was shown with "Care-a-Lot's Birthday" and "The Cloud of Uncaring".
  • The "Caring" PSA was shown with "The Great Race" and "The Bravest of the Brave".
  • The "It's Never a Waste" PSA was shown with "Grumpy's Three Wishes" and "Order on the Court/The All Powerful Mr. Beastly".


  • The "Like Father, Like Son PSA" was shown with "Lost at Sea/The Sleeping Giant".

Stage Fright

Still unknown are the PSAs shown with "Home Sweet Homeless", The Big Star Round Up", "The Camp Out/I, Robot Heart", "The Long Lost Care Bears", "Birthday Bear's Blues", and "Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise".


Like Father Like Son


Winning Isn't Everything

Some episodes include a bumper after the commercials with no voice over. Possibly it is included in the episodes, "Care-a-Lot's Birthday" and "The Great Race" as the episode contain no voiceover, from Dan Hennessey, on the title card.


CB Family Bumper

No Dan Hannessey voiceover

An ending scene from "Grumpy's Three Wishes" that originally aired was cut from syndication broadcasts since 1988. The scene can still be found on "The Care Bears Family Storybook" VHS originally released in 1986 by Karl-Lorimar Home Video under the Kideo Video label.

Grumpy Bear, voiced by Bob Dermer, has successfully helped a boy named Alvin. As he sees Alvin and another boy named Freddy, as they got along, through a telescope from Care-a-Lot, Good Luck Bear, voiced by Marla Lukofsky, says Alvin learned a valuable lesson from Grumpy. Grumpy says "And someone else learned a valuable lesson from Alvin. Honesty is the best policy". Good Luck says "Who learned that lesson, Grumpy?" Grumpy responds, "Oh, never mind." Good Luck laughs as the originally aired episode ends.

Some of the PSAs are also left intact on Brazilian Portuguese DVDs of the series.


Honesty Lesson (Cut from 1988-present airings)