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The Cartoon Works is a site full of a selection of different games starring the cartoon characters from CBBC shows, the website had about 6 games until the website closed in 2011.

The game involves you completing stages to develop from the janitor role, all the way up to being the boss. You do this by going into different rooms, solving puzzles and playing games.


  • Colour Cannon
  • Cutting Room
  • Drying Room
  • Printing Press
  • Sound Machine
  • Think Tank
  • Production Pipes


  • Cinema
  • Goods Out
  • Locker Room
  • Reception
  • Tour Station
  • Boss' Lobby
  • Boss' Office
  • Central Hub

Characters Featured


The Cartoon Works Website! - CBBC

The characters featured in this game are all from shows airing on CBBC at the time, some of these shows include...

  • Eliot Kid
  • Skunk Fu!
  • Shaun the Sheep
  • Corneil And Bernie/Watch My Chops
  • Pitt & Kantrop
  • The Owl
  • Frankenstein's Cat
  • The Secret Show
  • Animalia
  • Arthur
  • Maya & Miguel
  • Mona the Vampire
  • The Likeables
  • Funky Fables
  • The Pinky & Perky Show
  • Tom: The Greatest Friend
  • Rocketboy & Torro
  • Bernard
  • Freefonix
  • Pedro & Frankensheep