The Dragon's Dream
Status Unfinished

The Dragon's Dream is supposedly a song/album recorded by American ambient musician Thom Brennan back in 1993 and published in 2001 by TMB Music.

Unconfirmed Existence

The reason of why this song/album is so hard to find is because it doesn't exist. Any Google search for Thom Brennan Dragon's Dream only redirects the user to other of his works.

The mystery surrounding The Dragon's Dream became known by it's mentioning on chapter 67 of manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean. Since them, some members of JoJo community tried to find the song online.

Although many members from the community claimed to have heard it, the same were quickly disproved. After some fans tried to communicate with Thom Brennan via email, they found that the album, besides listed on some internet pages (Allmusic and Rate Your Music , for example), was left unfinished nor even released on any media, according to Brennan.

(Possible) Track Listing

1 - The Dragon's Dream (14:37)

2 - Himalayan Crossing (06:46)

3 - The Wizard Conjures Storm (10:13)

4 - Emerald Caverns (08:19)

5 - Conquest And Magic (03:22)

6 - The Last Dragon (05:53)

7 - Year Of The Snake (10:43)

Total length: 59:53

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