The Fairly OddParents! is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. It is about a ten-year-old boy named Timmy Turner who has fairy godparents, named Cosmo and Wanda, and a fairy godbrother named Poof. He is constantly at odds with his 16-year-old babysitter Vicky, with whom his parents are oblivious to her malevolent doings against their son. It was produced by Frederator Studios, Nickelodeon Animation Studio and Billionfold Inc. They also have a Bulgarian dub called Кръстници-вълшебници (English: Godparents Wizards), And it also aired on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and Super7. The episode called "Food Fight" was found in Bulgarian on Youtube, but all of the episodes are lost and not recorded, The playlist of the Bulgarian dub was found on YouTube.

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