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The Far Distant Dead  is a loet episode of the English tv series, The Avengers.  lt aired in early  1962 and features only lan Hendry as Dr. Keel.  Here, he discovers hydraulic fluid mislabeled as cooking oil in a Mexican village hit by a storm and possible dam collapse.


While in Mexico helping villager w ho've been caught by a flood that has ravaged the area, Dr. Keel notices that people are getting sick fromn the cooking oil flown in as rations.  This is analyzed and discovered to be hydraulic fluid (intended possibly for use on a local dam, although with the script lost, this can never be proved).  The fluid turns out to have been smuggled in from France with the aid of a crooked customs officer who poured the fluid into empty cans of cooking oil originally bound for Mexico, where they were donated to the relief effort by a warehouse owner named Godoy.  Keel and Maria Ampara, a Mexican doctor, trace the oil to a man named Hercule Zebrugge, a black marketeer who sent the oil to Mexico by plane for money.  Maria tries to kill him but is stopped by Keel, who then has the police arrest Zebrugge for causing loss of life overseas.


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