The Fortieth Door is a lost serial from 1923 with Allene Ray and Charles Stephenson in the lead roles.

The Plot

Charles Stevenson plays the role of a young archaeologist who goes to Egypt in search of the daughter of a deceased French general. The girl has been raised by an Arabian national who insists that she is his actual daughter, and the hero tries to prove her true identity and to rescue her from her lifelong captor. The man gives chase. They hide out in the excavation he is doing of an ancient tomb on the Nile Delta, and the young man is forced to resort to wrapping her in linen and hiding her in a sacrophagus to keep her away from the awful villain.


This serial of ten episodes originally started production in 1921 with Charles Hutchison in the lead role. During a leap across a room, however, he grabbed hold of a chandelier and both he and it crashed to the ground. This caused the production to be delayed and the lead role to be recast.


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