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The Four Just Men is a 1939 British Film from Rank Productions that was reissued in 1944 with an extended ending composed of newsreal footage meant to show how the Allies were fighting back against the Axis after the Four Just Men foiled the efforts of a spy who had infiltrated the House of Parliament.


The Four Just men go after a member of the British parliament who is secretly the head of a gang of international spies. The MP intends to start a series of disasters in Eutope that will hinder the ability of the Allies to fight back against Germany in the upcoming war (which had not been declared yet at the time of the film's original release). They send a wrning to the MP to cease and desist his criminal activities or the Four Just Men will kill him. He refuses to obey the Four Just men's command, and begins his plan of sabotage. The men are unable to thwart the disasters caused by the saboteurs at the MP's command, but they do prevent further incidents by killing the leaders of the ring responsible, including the MP, who is the last to die. He is murdered in his tub by the Men, although their effort to stop him custs the life of one of the four men, who gladly sacrifices himself because he is already dying/ The film originally ends with one of the men impersonating the MP and giving a speech in which he denounces the enemy regime and reveals the acts of sabotage to the British Parliament. This is the version of the film that no longer exists: an exended ending, created in 1944, shows the three remaining men and the leading lady listening to the radio as an announcer relates how the Allied armed forces are fighting back against the Axis and gives credit to the men for theit timely warning.


The film is a remake of the original 1921 film, and uses basically the same plot as the earlier film except that the man targeted by the Four Just Men was the head of a mining company who was abusing his employees in the original version, and not an enemy agent.

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