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The Fruitties is an animated television series produced in Spain by D'Ocon Film Productions in 1987, created by Antoni D'Ocon and written by Josep Viciana. It originally aired on the Spanish television channel TVE. Originally, 91 episodes were created - each 10 minutes long - but the series was often repackaged as 56 25-minute episodes.[citation needed]

The series was dubbed into many languages and, in 1991, an English-language version of the show made its debut on British television. The French dub was titled: Les Fruittis was aired on TF1 since May 17, 1991.

Dubbing information

The dub was made in France at the Chrismax Films studio.


  • Pascal Renwick : Roly
  • Jean-Pierre Leroux : Pak
  • Mostéfa Stiti : Pincho
  • Aurélia Bruno : Kumba
  • Brigitte Lecordier : Lucas
  • Pauline Larrieu : Narration



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