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The Funday Pawpets Show is one of the longest-running internet shows in existence. Having started in 1999 and having well over 600 Episodes as of 2014, the show has cemented itself in its influence. It can best be described as Monty Python meets The Muppets. Admirers include Conan O'Brien, several Disney Imagineers, and even members of That Guy With The Glasses.

The show is based in New York City and the cast is very close to the Manhattan community. On the evening of September 11, 2001, the cast scrambled together and made an impromptu broadcast to help reassure and comfort those who were struck by the tragedy. Many recall some very touching and heartwarming moments, some viewers were surprised to be brought to tears by a show that is so based in silliness and humor.

For whatever reason, the episode was not made available for download afterwards. Despite it getting some of the best reception from online communities than almost any other episode, the creators did not feel the need to preserve it. Video capture software was in its infancy in 2001, and what was available was extremely expensive. However, that doesn't mean that it's not impossible for a viewer to have captured it. No footage has surfaced since its broadcasting, and it is suspected that not even the creators hold any footage. Many fans of the show are left saddened, as this is often considered one of the best moments of the show.