The Glenn Hub! was a YouTube channel that was active from November 2014-July 2018. The person operating the channel is Glenn Compton, who has been making VeggieTales Cartoony videos along with two webseries, GlennyTales and Glenny and Friends. In his videos, he hangs out with his best friend Steve (who is really Glenn's hand and is voiced by him as well). Starting with Glenny and Friends, more of Steve's family would appear, with his brothers Frank, Finger, Erie, and Jeff, along with his girlfriend Stephanie (all played and voiced by Glenn).

Somewhere around the latter date, Glenn's channel was terminated after he had been given a copyright strike by a user named Nubman41. Only the first two episodes of Glenny and Friends and a handful of episodes of GlennyTales have surfaced, albeit that both Glenny and Friends episodes were dubbed in Slovenian by Glenijev Svet.


  • UPDATE (JULY 23, 2018): A user by the name of Pity Fowl has 95% of Glenn's videos along with his first movie. Let's hope he releases his collection via this section!
  • UPDATE 2 (JULY 23, 2018): Ecks64 has the remaining videos that Pity Fowl does not have along wth the second movie.
  • UPDATE 3 (JULY 25, 2018): Pity Fowl has just recently archived a handful of episodes of GlennyTales.
  • UPDATE 4 (AUGUST 4, 2018): I don't know why, but Pity Fowl has not archived any GlennyTales/Glenny and Friends videos in a few weeks.
    • EDIT: I have some GlennyTales episodes that are not on the archive channel, which are "GlennyTales Plays Six!" and "Paranormal 8 Ball!" I also have the English version of the premiere episode of Glenny and Friends as well.
  • UPDATE 5 (AUGUST 29, 2018): I'm gonna ask Pity Fowl if he's gonna archive more episodes. The reason is because he has not archived any videos in almost a month.
  • UPDATE 6 (JANUARY 10, 2019): I noticed the archive channel deleted some videos from it.
  • UPDATE 7 (APRIL 7, 2019): After 8 months, the archive channel finally uploaded a new video last week (Jumpscares!)!
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