The title card for "The Henry and June Show".

The Henry & June Show is a 1999 KaBlam! special, aired on Nickelodeon. It was originally intended to act as a pilot for an entire spin-off series, based around Henry and June, of KaBlam! infamy. This was one of many spinoffs that KaBlam! had.


The special had two segments. The first was "A Show of Their Own" (because in reality Henry & June really would really be getting a show of their own) in which Henry & June were accompanied by a studio audience and musical guests. The other was "Be True to Your School" where Henry and June go to school and try their best to tackle hard subjects like "How to Look Your Best".


For unknown reasons the spin-off was cancelled after only these two segments and was never reaired after its initial premiere, making any recordings of it presumably very sparse. The special never appeared on the internet until March 26, 2015, when YouTube user and Lost Media Wiki contributor "SetnaroX" uploaded the rare special to YouTube.[1]


April 30, 2015: A cleaner copy of SetnaroX's original tape has been uploaded to YouTube by ZSL123! The raw DVD files are available for download here.

The Future of KaBlam! Releases

Mark Marek (creator of Henry and June) has stated that he owns every episode of KaBlam! on Beta tapes, and plans to digitize them and post them in full length on his website. However, when a fan asked about The Henry and June Show, Marek responded, "The Henry and June show only [aired] once as you noted. Not planning to release the pilot any time soon. Believe me, you don't want to see it. It's rough."


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