The Impossible Quiz is a 2007 flash game developed by Splapp-Me-Do, The game has questions and the answers are hidden or silly. In 2004-2005 a beta version of the game was made which has not been released anywhere.


This version of the game is very similar to the 2004 demo that was released on DeviantArt 3 years before the official game's release. The beta version was identical to the 2004 Demo version except that it contained 10 additional questions to already existing 30 in the demo creating a total of 40 questions. However, Splapp-Me-Do stopped development in 2005. Later in 2006 he continued the development on the game and in March 2007 the final game was released. People have created fan-made versions based on the beta, However the official one has not been found. The question number was blue instead red.

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