The Shrinking Character PS1 SAT PC - Cancelled

A preview video

The Incredible Shrinking Character is a cancelled action-adventure game that was originally meant to be released in 1996, on PC, Playstation and Sega Saturn. It was being developed by Cyberdreams (who also created Dark Seed and I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream).

The plot would have loosely been based on the novel/film The Incredible Shrinking Man, in an universe reminiscent of 1950's science-fiction and horror movies.

The player would have controlled a private investigator looking for Julie Caldwell, a wealthy young woman who has vanished after visiting the castle of Dr. Warren Franklin, a mad scientist. Franklin has created a shrinking ray that he uses on the hero, shrinking to a few inches.

The gameplay would have had the hero venturing through Franklin's castle, growing smaller and smaller after each level, and fighting dangers such as animals and heights, while Julie's screams are heard from afar.

The game was announced in magazines with several screenshots, and a preview video was shown. However, it was cancelled as the Cyberdreams company fell apart, only a development test demo and a intro has leaked. No other playable material has been made available.


The Incredible Shrinking Character Late Development Test Demo

A development test demo, showing the environment of the game


"The Incredible Shrinking Character Game" intro, Go-Go Studios, 1995

Intro for game.

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