The Jenny Jones Show was an American syndicated daytime tabloid talk show that was hosted by comedian/actress/singer Jenny Jones. It was produced by Quincy Jones-David Salzman Entertainment and Telepictures Productions (last two seasons were by Time-Telepictures Television) and was distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution, and was taped in Chicago at WMAQ-TV studios. During its run, critics would equate this show to The Jerry Springer Show, which was also produced at WMAQ-TV studios, although Jones claimed that her talk show was not as outrageous as Springer's. Critics also believe that some of Jones' ideas were copied from fellow talker Ricki Lake after her show, Ricki Lake, debuted in 1993 and overtook her in the ratings. The show ran for twelve years from September 1991 to May 2003 and had over 1,500 episodes. No home media releases of the show have been released, and very few full episodes have been uploaded onto video websites. Jones posted on her personal blog:PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE NO ACCESS TO OLD TAPES OF THE JENNY JONES SHOW AND AM NOT ABLE TO HELP ANYONE HOPING TO LOCATE A LOST EPISODE. She also states in a comment that the tapes of every episode are owned and stored by Telepictures.


On March 6, 1995, Scott Amedure was taped for an episode of the The Jenny Jones Show, in which he admitted to being a secret admirer of Jonathan Schmitz, who lived near him in Lake Orion, Michigan. Until the taping, Schmitz had no idea who his secret admirer was. Schmitz stated he went on the show out of curiosity and later claimed that the producers implied that his admirer was a woman, even though the producers of the show claim they did tell Schmitz the admirer could be male or female.[1]

According to footage of the murder trial, it was later stated by a friend of Amedure's that Amedure and Schmitz went out drinking together the night of the taping and an alleged sexual encounter occurred.  According to the testimony at the murder trial, three days after the taping, Amedure left a "suggestive" note at Schmitz's house After finding the note, Schmitz withdrew money from the bank, purchased a shotgun and then went to Amedure's mobile home. There, he questioned Amedure about the note. Schmitz then returned to his car, got his gun and returned to Amedure's trailer. He then shot Amedure twice in the chest, killing him. After killing Amedure, Schmitz left the residence, called 9-1-1 and confessed to the killing.[2] Schmitz was found guilty of second degree murder in 1996 and sentenced to 25–50 years in prison, but his conviction was overturned on appeal. Upon retrial, he was found guilty of the same charge once again and his sentence was reinstated.[3]

Wrongful Death

In 1999, the Amedure family sued The Jenny Jones Show, Telepictures, and Warner Bros. for the ambush tactics and their negligent role that led to Amedure's death. In May, the jury awarded the Amedures $25 million. [4]The jury found that The Jenny Jones Show was both irresponsible and negligent, contending that the show intentionally created an explosive situation without due concern for the possible consequences. Time Warner's defense attorney later claimed the verdict would cause a chilling effect on the industry.

The judgment was later overturned by the Michigan Court of Appeals in a 2-to-1 decision.The Michigan Supreme Court declined to hear the case.[5]

Final seasons

During the last two seasons, the show began to drop heavily in the ratings. It nearly got the axe at the conclusion of season 11, but was saved by a last-minute deal with the Tribune station group. Although the subsequent station shuffle necessitated in such key markets as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles this didn't help the ratings. In the 2002-2003 TV season, Jones' programme became the lowest-rated daytime talk show, and after the last original episode aired that spring, Jenny Jones was cancelled in the summer of 2003. Reruns continued to air until September 12, 2003.


Best of 1998 - The Jenny Jones Show

Best of 1998 - The Jenny Jones Show

A 'Best Of' compilation episode from 1998, covering the best events that took place on the show during the year.

Jenny Jones - Mom & I Play More Than One Guy

Jenny Jones - Mom & I Play More Than One Guy

One full episode of The Jenny Jones Show, a young girl and her mother discuss how they 'play' and 'use' men along with other 'player' guests.

Jenny Jones - The Murderous Crush Show That Never Aired

Jenny Jones - The Murderous Crush Show That Never Aired

The Jenny Jones Show was noutrious for an episode which never aired called "Same Sex Secret Crushes" on which Scott Amedure, a gay man, confessed to an associate, Jonathan Schmitz, that he had a crush on him. Schmitz's appeared unconcerned as he laughed about that revelation in front of the audience. However, three days after the taping, an upset Schmitz killed Amedure[6]

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