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The Junior Morning Show was a short-lived local children's show, featuring youngsters, in Washington, D.C. that premiered on June 19, 1954. Muppeteer Jim Henson got his start in television on this show in 1954 before he began his own show Sam and Friends in 1955. The show ran for 2 weeks and was eventually cancelled after realizing "that the newly revised child labor law allowing children to appear on stage applies to theater and not to television. Three of the program's participants were under fourteen and consequently could not get work permits."

Pierre the French Rat, a character that Henson created for a comic strip during his high school years, appeared in puppet form on this show (as pictured to the right). He is now stored in the Smithsonian.

According to Jim Henson's Designs and Doodles: "One afternoon in his senior year of high school, two production assistants from local station WTOP visited Henson's high school puppetry club. The station manager had sent them to find puppeteers for a Saturday morning children's program, called The Junior Morning Show. Jim jumped at the opportunity... But out of the experience Jim got a favorable mention in a local newspaper and a chance to work in front of a television camera."

Despite this show having been cancelled for the newly revised child labor law, other children's shows in later years such as Sesame Street and Barney and Friends still had children appear on the set without a problem and have been running for many years without being cancelled. Unfortunately, this show here has been forever cancelled, long unseen, and not rerun due to the new child labor act at the time. Today, no episode guides exist online and it is unknown where the show's episodes are archived.

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