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The Kaiser, the Beast of  Berlin  is a lost 1918 film that was written by, produced by, directed by and starred Rupert Julian as the Kaiser Wilhelm Ii.


The film depicts the invasion of Belguim and the sinking of the Lusitania,both of which events turned the British against  Wilhelm  and ultimately cost him the war.  It depicts him as the brain behind both events .  (In fact, Wilhelm was neither .   The Schlieffen plan was in fact devised by his top officers  , and  it had been betrayed to the Austrians years earlier by the infamous Colonel  Redl.  Knowing the Schlieffen plan had been betrayed, Wilhelm tried to modify it and failed utterly.)  ln Belgium lives a blacksmith called Maryas (Elmo Lincoln) who kills the German officer that has killed his wife and spirits his daughter away to safety.  The Lusitania  is then sunk, and the U-boat catain that carried out this task goes mad from remorse and takes his own life (Lon Chaney Senior) .  (This mission again was planned by Wilhelm's officers, who had shut him out of all official duties due to his mental problems.)  American forces enter the war and drove the Kaiser from power, after which he is turned over to Belgium for trial and discovers that his cell guard is none other than Maryas!  (ln fact, Wilhelm was allowed to flee to Sweden, because it was felt that to bring him to trial could disrupt the peace process.)

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