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The Legend of Simon Conjurer has become one of the most sought after bad movies on the internet, though despite the anticipation, it remains largely unseen. It was one of the movies produced by Crystal Sky Pictures, the same company that were been responsible for numerous video game adaptations (such as the Tekken film) as well as the Baby Genius sequels.

Famed actor Jon Voight (who is represented by the founders of Crystal Sky and features in many of their movies) stars as Dr. Crazx, an insane psychologist who frames a rival for murder. That rival, the titular Simon Conjurer, assembles some of his patients in order to clear his name while treating them for their various maladies.

The results are said to be hilariously bad. Not much is known about the production, but the director took his name off the film, leaving a question mark in place of the "directed by" credit; in contrast, Voight himself seemed to be quite proud of the way it turned out. In an interview with Film Threat, one of the few ever given regarding the film, Voight said it was "truly original" and that audiences would "come in to an adventure they've never been on before".[1] The Legend of Simon Conjurer was supposed to gain a wide release in 2006, but never did for undisclosed reasons.

The lack of information has lead many to assume that the movie is an elaborate hoax. However, there is some evidence of its existence. A trailer is readily available on YouTube, a website for the film once existed, and there is also an IMDB page on it (listing Stuart Paul as the mysterious director).[2][3]

Several reviewers on both Film Threat and IMDb have mentioned seeing the movie in New York during the summer of 2006, which was apparently the only time and place that it was publicly screened. Until the movie is officially released, the trailer appears to be the only footage available to the public. Additionally, the movie is not listed on Crystal Sky's website, indicating that they have no plans on releasing it any time soon.

Update 9/28/2014: It appears that Crystal Sky quietly released the film in September 2014. It is now known as Deadly Lessons and is available to rent on Amazon and YouTube. [4]


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