The Little Twins was a rare Japanese anime series based on a series of picture books by Isamu Tsuchida. It was originally produced in the early 1990s as a straight-to-video series. It was produced by Toei Animation and animated by OH Production and Triangle Staff. The series is comprised of 13 episodes.[1] The English dub was produced in 1995 by American production company Elegant Films, Inc. while the voice acting was recorded in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). However, it didn't air on television in the United States until 1998 when it briefly aired on Nick Jr. during the summer for two weeks. It got a rare DVD release of a few episodes in early 2004 but otherwise remains extremely obscure. The show featured two tiny gnome-like twins named Petal and Piper (Tiffle and Tuffle in the original Japanese version) living on Krocklee Island with their family; the theme song for the English dub was performed by well-known American singer-songwriter Carly Simon. Carly Simon was also the producer for this dub.

Clips of the series can be seen on YouTube.


The little twins

An episode from Little Twins

UPDATE: As of October 18, 2016, 4 episodes of the English Dub has been found at the Internet Archive.

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