Lost Media Archive

In 2016, The Sonic Mania Con started, and they were going to add everyone in the studio to become history, they said "Would you all like to make history? And get your voices in Sonic Mania." and they also said: "So we wanna do guys is we wanna record your voices doing that lovely sound effect how's it go again?" and they said Sega! after that, he said this. "And we're going to record that and we're gonna put you guys inside the game as an Easter Egg." But as the game was released, Nobody Knows how to access that Easter egg, we only have a live recording from the 25th Anniversary of Sonic. They did Two takes. We only have 2 Videos of this "Hidden Easter Egg."

One is a front view version from GMSRocks104


And one is from LSuperSonicQ, Which has a Back Staged Version.


Where is the Live Sega Jingle in Sonic Mania? (Lost Easter Egg)

LSuperSonicQ’s video on the subject.