Little Bear and the Rainstorm Night
Little Bear
Title card for the series
Status Lost
"Little Bear" is a Canadian TV show. One time, an episode was aired once but never aired again. No one knows what it looks like but user BluePupBuddy said he actually saw it.[1] [2] The episode might have been the pilot episode called Little Bear and the Rainstorm Night, but so far no info or pictures have been found to confirm if the episode was the pilot episode of Little Bear or not. Any info or pictures are appropriated. If you know anything about the episode, please leave a comment.


It is storming outside, and Little Bear wakes up frightened. He hides under his red bed covers several times, before falling off his bed still under the red covers. Little Bear then gets out from his red covers and runs into Mother Bear and Father Bear's bedroom, and gets into their bed. While trying to sleep, Little Bear continues to get scared, and hides under Mother Bear and Father Bear's green bed covers. Little Bear continues to struggle under the green bed covers, and eventually he falls off of the bed, still trapped under the green bed covers. Mother Bear and Father Bear however, continue sleeping. Little Bear gets out from the green bed covers, runs back into his bedroom, goes under his red bed covers, and falls asleep.


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