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On March 13, 2017, the Albanian channel Çufo began broadcasting an Albanian dub of The Loud House called "Shtëpia e zhurmshme" (Noisy House). The first three seasons were dubbed and so was the Netflix movie. Currently, there is a link on Drive with some episodes of this dub.

The only screenshot

Dubbers List

Lincoln: Irgen Çela

Lori / Rita: Evis Trebicka

Leni: ???

Luna: Sonjela Leço

Luan: Eralda Çaushi

Lynn JR: Elona Paja

Lucy / Lola: Albana Aliu

Lana / Lisa: Cubi Metka

Lynn SR: Vasjan Lami

Clyde: Genti Deçka

Made at: NGS Recording, Tirana

Episodes Names

Efekti flutur (Butterfly Effect)

Ndihma e motrës (Along Came A Sister)

Në Errësirë (Left in the dark)

Mesazhi (Get the Message)

Përkujdesje e Tepruar (Heavy Meddle)

Trofeu (Making the Case)

Të mublosh Motrat (Cover Girls)

Të Shpëtosh Takimin (Save the Date)

Mungesë Vëmëndjeje (Attention Deficit)

Jashtë me Limuzinë (Out on a Limo)

Pushime me Pengesa (Tripped!)

Rruga për Askund (Roadie to Nowhere)


11/9/2019 I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd0ARLw3oIg

18/3/2021 I know im a little bit late, but i found a whole Episode (i uploaded it) i found it a long time ago on a website, that is now taken down:https://archive.org/details/lost-loud-house-dub_202103