Lost Media Archive

In 2017, the albanian/kosovian channel Çufo aired an albanian dub of the loud house called Shtëpia e zhurmshme, (Noisy House) as the whole channel, the dub is not legal, and there aren't episodes or even the intro, (actually, the intro was once posted, but it got deleted) but, there is a screenshot 

Is unknown if it is still airing

The only screenshot

Dubbers List

Lincoln: Irgen Çela

Lori / Rita: Evis Trebicka

Leni: ???

Luna: Sonjela Leço

Luan: Eralda Çaushi

Lynn JR: Elona Paja

Lucy / Lola: Albana Aliu

Lana / Lisa: Cubi Metka

Lynn SR: Vasjan Lami

Clyde: Genti Deçka

Made at: NGS Recording, Tirana

Episodes Names

Efekti flutur (Butterfly Effect)

Ndihma e motrës (Along Came A Sister)


11/9/2019 I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd0ARLw3oIg