The Magician's Hat (English dub)
The Magician's Hat
The DVD cover of the original Croatian version of the film, which is the only version exist.
Status Lost

(The English script)

The Magician's Hat is the sequel to the 1986 Croatia animated film Fantasy Forest. Fantasy Forest is also The Elm-Chanted Forest in the US in 1989. Peter Fernandez was working on the English dub for this sequel. Unfortunately, it was cancelled by American Distributors for unknown reasons. But it is speculated that due to the scene where Mrazomor gets killed by the Sword of Salvation and feared it being too dark for children. Ever since its cancellation, the existence of the script for the English dub is unconfirmed.

In 2012, a YouTube user uploaded the original Croatian version with dialogue translated in English by subtitled captions. Unfortunately, since that upload had the original Croatian audio, it was taken down by Croatia Film in 2014 or 2015 because of its copyright claim. Luckily, YouTube user Retrosunshine2006, aka Kristie Ann Webb, has the copy with the English translated subtitles saved on privated VHS tape in 2014, but refused to upload it unless she can write the translation and give to talented fan voice actors to have a fan English dub.

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