After the infamous 1969 Manson Family murders, many attempts by exploitation filmmakers were made to cash in on the killings. Some of these titles included The Helter Skelter Murders, The Night God Screamed, Slaughter (later re-edited into the infamous 1976 splatter flick Snuff), and the shockumentary Manson. One of these films, known as The Manson Massacre, was released in 1971. Shortly afterwards, it was seemingly forgotten and lost to little fanfare.

Flash forward to years later, where a print of the film has been found, albeit in German under the title Die Tochter Des Satans, translating to The Daughter Of Satan. To this day, an English-language print has yet to surface, although there is an English trailer floating around, presumably from a late 1970s re-release to cash-in on the hit TV movie Helter Skelter.

UPDATE 4/29/15: Last year, a new development in the finding of an English print has surfaced: If one listens with headphones on the German DVD, despite the dubbing, some English audio can be heard in some scenes. Thanks to a Wikia contributor for bringing this word to light!


Advertisement poster for the film.

The Manson Massacre (1971) Trailer

The Manson Massacre (1971) Trailer

English trailer, presumably for a late 1970s re-release of the film.

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