In 1984, writer Gene Deitch and composer Jaroslav Celba created 18 songs for a songbook of the Miffy Storybook Classics series containing the full version of the said show's theme called I Love My Dick Bruna Book, a full version of Miffy, Miffy, We Love You, I've Got Another Story To Tell, Boris Bear, Here Comes Poppy Pig, Snuffy and some other songs that were never heard in the show. These songs were never released on an official CD, vinyl record or a songbook until in 1997, ABC For Kids released an Australian exclusive CD called Miffy Songs with some of the other songs taken out from the release, 11 tracks only and is now out of print. On April 27, 2012, the Gene Deitch Credits site published an entry with the songs in order which can be archived from the Wayback Machine here:

UPDATE: As of 2019, CD Baby released the Miffy Songs album for digital download which you can buy and download here:

Miffy Songs (ABC For Kids Exclusive CD) Gallery

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