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"The Modifyers" animated pilot

The Modifyers is a formerly lost animated short created by Chris Reccardi and Lynne Naylor. It was initially a pilot pitched to the television network Nickelodeon; however, it was rejected by the publisher despite its positive reviews from critics and audiences, because it had a female protagonist and Nickelodeon shows featuring female protagonists were always flops. It features Agent Xero and her sidekick Mole attempting to thwart the efforts of Baron Vain and his legion of henchmen, such as Rat.


The scene opens as Rat, one of Baron Vain's henchmen, is attempting to steal the All Seeing Eye from the Museum of Odd Stuff. After succeeding, but setting off the alarms in the process, Rat escapes to the sewers, only to be confronted by Lacey Shadows, another one of Baron Vain's henchmen. After a brief altercation, Lacey gets away with the All Seeing Eye and escapes to her airship in a rocket pod. However, Rat uses a grappling hook to stow away on the bottom of the pod.

After entering a brief pattern of stupidity which activates the lights, Lacey Shadows is revealed to be Agent Xero, a secret agent who uses her abilities to foil Baron Vain's plans. After speaking with Katz, Mole (Xero's sidekick) is ready to return the All Seeing Eye. However, Agent Xero insists that they ask it a question. Due to this insistence and a series of mishaps, Rat is able to get away with the Eye and bring it to Baron Vain's lair.