When researching about the Monkees, it was insane how little the studio cared about them that their final album in their original run “Changes” had none of the multi-tracks located.  In recent remasters of the album, they have only been able to rip the songs off of the vinyls and 8-tracks that were released during the time.  Since the Monkees always had a few unreleased songs per album, two songs were a part of that bunch, that being “Which Way Do You Want It” and “Ride Baby Ride.”  In the case of “Which Way Do You Want It,” it was originally supposed to appear on the album before it was canned, so we know for sure that this song was indeed finished.  As for “Ride Baby Ride,” there is currently no information on the song.  I have always wanted to hear these songs as it would truly be the ultimate holy grail Monkees find.  It would cap off probably the remaining fully produced Monkees songs in their original run as many of the other songs still unreleased have no vocals attached to them.  Here’s hoping one day we will discover the songs as well as the multi-tracks for Changes so we could finally have a true remaster of the album.

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