The Mr Potatohead Show was a children's' television series featuring Mr. Potatohead. It first aired on Fox Kids on September 12th, 1998. The series ran for a single season of 13 episodes, before being canceled on Febuary 16th, 1999. After the series was canceled, the creators made a direct to video movie, that depicts the shows cancellation from the perspective of the characters. Due to the show being readily obscure and from a long time ago, there's very little chance of there being a home media release online.

On top of this, a mysterious 14th episode was said to be written, but never released, featuring Mr. Potatohead trying to write is own show. But due to Fox Kids wanting to get rid of the show as fast as possible, the episode was shelved. It was also supposed to star another puppet named "Donkey Waddlefoot", an unseen puppet for the rest of the series, and a rival to Mr. Potatohead in TV entertainment. No trace of this episode is known except the main plot of the episode featuring Mr. Potatohead and Donkey Waddlefoot, and the fact that it was planned before its initial cancellation, probably way before

The series was considered lost for many years until Lost Media Wiki members Paroos and Luray found them online. All the episodes, as of December 18th, 2016, have been recovered on Youtube except for episode 14.

Episode Title Information LOST/FOUND
1 Aliens Dig Baloney(October 3, 1998) Baloney tries to cover up the death of Mr. Potato Head's favorite plant as a pair of aliens arrive on Earth seeking a new ruler for their interstellar empire. Meanwhile, Dr. Fruitcake creates the Ham Monster for Mr. Potato Head's monster show which proves to be too dangerous for him to control. FOUND
2 Royal Pain (October 10, 1998)  Queenie finds out that she is descended from an Egyptian Pharaoh named King Yaminhotep upon going onto an ancestral website called "Ancestors "R" Us." As Mr. Potato Head tries to make a show for two-year-olds, he uses a rebuilt Ham Monster as his test audience. FOUND
3 The Thing in the Microwave (September 12, 1998) Queenie goes on a diet, but her cravings result in her unleashing an ancient evil from a bag of popcorn. Meanwhile, Mr. Potato Head makes a superhero show where he plays Spudman. FOUND
4 Secret Agent Mania (September 19, 1998) Upon finding out that Donkey Waddlefoot's show stole his submarine show, Mr. Potato Head informs the TV Guys about it as he is told to do a spy show. Mr. Potato Head does this as well as trying to find out how Donkey Waddlefoot found the footage to make his own episodes. FOUND
5 Cheap Shots (September 26, 1998)  When the TV guys give Mr. Potato Head a cookie jar full of money for his efforts, he goes money-crazy. Just how low will he go in slashing his show's budget? FOUND
6 Potato Verite (November 7, 1998)  Mr. Potato Head walks in on Queenie supposedly making a deal with his nemesis Donkey Waddlefoot. Thinking that she's going to leave, he puts on a variety show to appease her so she can do a lot of singing. Meanwhile, Queenie thinks Mr. Potato Head wants to marry her! FOUND
7 Forsake Me Not (December 19, 1998) The TV guys have Mr. Potato Head do a reality show where he follows everyone around with a camera. But when his show turns out to be as boring as two dead frogs in a bucket, he pits his friends against each other to liven it up! FOUND
8 Equal Writes (December 5, 1998) The TV guys have Mr. Potato Head fire his writer resulting in them sending Bullyboy to supervise his show. Can the Kitchen crew overcome the threat of Bullyboy or will they wind up being crushed into sticky paste? FOUND
9 Robotato (February 9, 1999)  Mr. Potato Head goes on vacation, so he has Dr. Fruitcake create a robotic duplicate of him to take over the show while he's gone. When Mr. Potato head returns, he finds that Robotato is actually liked by the Kitchen Crew and gets depressed about the situation. FOUND
10 Pillow (February 16, 1999) Queenie gets depressed, so she resorts to using Baloney's "happy pillow" to make her feel better, but everyone also wants the pillow so that they can be happy! Meanwhile, a flower lady supposedly casts a "curse" on Mr. Potato Head where the antics causes delays to Mr. Potato Head's Roman Empire show. FOUND
11 Smart Attack (October 31, 1998) When Potato Bug accidentally kills Mr. Potato Head's prized plant, she seeks help from Dr. Fruitcake to make her smarter. But is her advanced intelligence really for the better? The Aliens seem to think so! FOUND
12 Not With a Bang Pt. 1 (November 14, 1998) The TV Guys' boss orders the cancellation of Mr. Potato Head's show and putting Donkey Waddlefoot's show in his time slot causing Mr. Potato Head and his Kitchen Crew to go their separate ways. FOUND
13 Not With a Bang Pt. 2 (November 21, 1998) The alien invasion is in full swing as the Kitchen Crew unites to combat the aliens and get their show back on the air. FOUND, but not readily available online or on Youtube
14 An Unknown Shelved Episode (Air-date unknown) Mr. Potatohead gains a live studio where he creates a live talk-show titled "Spud Central News" However, his talk-show goes sour when his Donkey WaddleFoot shows up under a disguise. LOST
The Mr. Potatohead Show: cancellation Movie

(April 19th, 1999)

The Mr

The Mr. Potato Head Show (Full Movie)

The full movie of the Mr. Potatohead show, aired on April 19th, 1999

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