The Muppet Show's first two episodes were taped as pilots that were viewed in international markets. Episode 101's pilot is very different and has some things missing.


First of all, here are some key differences.

  • Fozzie Bear's voice is more deeper (This was still in the final but Fozzie asks Kermit it his voice sounds like John Wayne)
  • The intro chorus is different, the theme has extra lines and the girl's chorus has "It's time to raise the curtains on The Muppet Show tonight." which was given to the men's chorus.
  • Gonzo was partly performed by both Jim Henson and Dave Goelz.
  • Juliet Prowse wears different attire.
  • Fozzie's eyebrows during the intro mysteriously disappear.
  • Fozzie is referred to as "the kid" by Kermit and Statler.


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