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The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog, also known as Les Mystères d'Alfred, is a French-Canadian animated series created by Mary Mackay-Smith and Merilyn Read and produced by Gaumont Film Company. They also have a Finnish dub called "Anton Siilinen ratkaisee" (English: Anton Siilinen decides) and it also on Yle. Only 6 episodes were found but the rest of them are lost and not recorded.

Found Episodes

  • Taikurin sauva (English: The magician's wand) (YouTube)
  • Rantadraama (English: The beach Drama) (YouTube)
  • Näkymättömän vieraan tapaus (English: The case of an invisible stranger) (YouTube)
  • Jannen puuttuva pää (English: Missing head) (Dailymotion)
  • Kaatuvien puiden arvoitus (English: The riddle of falling trees) (Dailymotion)
  • Kuplapulmia (English: bubble Problems) (Dailymotion)

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