Banned in three counties! It's the breast... er, best of Nanna & Lil' Puss Puss! Every episode on one super enhanced VHS tape! 


You don't believe us? Just look at these unsolicited testimonies. 

"This is the perhaps the greatest video collection I've ever appeared in." -Nanna 

"This is the funniest video of all time!-The writer of this review 

Words don't lie! The Nanthology is better than other videotapes because it is infused with a special ingredient, Laff-Maker Plus! 

Eight out of ten people agree that four out of five people would say that one out of three people loved this tape!We are so confident, that if you don't agree that it is the greatest tape in your entire video library, just return it, no questions asked. Then we can sell it to someone else, doubling our profits.  

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