The New Dawn is a 1919 lost French motion picture serial that is the sequel to the serial Cheri-Bibi from 1913, starring Jose Davert as Cheri-Bibi and Rene Navarre as Palas, the young man who has been sent wrongly to Devil's Island for murder.

Plot Description

In this film, Cheri-Bibi has finally been caught and sent to Devil's Island. There, he meets a young man, Palas, who has also been unjustly conivcted of the murder of his employer. The two of them break out of Devil's Island and make it back to France, where the young man remarries and Cheri-Bibi - in another identity - serves as his manservant. Unfortunately, the real killer, Count Gorbio, succeeds in locating the young man and Cheri-Bibi must forfeit his freedom in order to bring Gorbio to justice for his own crime of passion.


This film was novelized under the same name by its producer, Gaston Leroux. It was later remade as the 1938 version of Cheri-Bibi, under that name.


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