Lindsay Ellis, aka "The Nostalgia Chick".

A screencap of the original review page, taken when the video was still available.


Lindsay Ellis, aka The Nostalgia Chick, is a famous internet film critic who reviews miscellaneous movies and TV shows with a dry sense of humor and analysis. She came to the spotlight when Doug Walker, of comedy-review website That Guy With The Glasses (now known as Channel Awesome), decided he needed a female reviewer to review female-oriented retro "nostalgic" media and set up a contest. Ellis won and became The Nostalgia Chick, making videos for the website since late 2008. Despite first starting as specializing in "girl media", she gradually turned into reviewing a different array of movies and other type of shows.

In 2010, The Nostalgia Chick uploaded a video review of the 1984 film Dune, under the title Dune, yo. The review received overwhelmingly negative reactions from viewers and commentators, many criticizing Ellis' unfair bias and attitude against the movie. It was apparently so bad that she deleted the video and apologized by saying that her attitude was caused by getting drunk when she shot it.

In an interview with website TheMarySue, she said: "The worst thing that happened was I did a review of Dune, which in fairness to my detractors was not well-researched. It did lead to a lot of fake-geek-girling, like, “You don’t know s— about Frank Herbert,” and I’m like, “No, I do. I just f—ing hate this movie.” But they were right. I didn’t research, [...] that was kind of the worst that I’ve got.".

What is staggering is that there is no mirror of the video available anywhere, on YouTube or otherwise. The Nostalgia Chick is one of the most popular reviewers of the TGWTG website, and most every time, mirrors of her videos pop up on YouTube or alternate video-sharing websites. Despite this apparent presence of Nostalgia Chick fans that mirror her videos, Dune, yo still remains unavailable in any form. Ellis was later asked if she had personally taken action to have any subsequent mirrors of the video deleted, though she has denied doing so.

On a somewhat related note, the Nostalgia Chick has uploaded a total of two other videos that she later decided to delete: Nostalgia Chick - The Fifth Element (a review of the 1997 film) and TLC and the 90's (a retrospective of the girl group TLC), although these reviews have since been mirrored by fans and are widely available today.

EDIT: 23/9/2014: The video has been found! Thanks to contributtor kurtdenter!

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