Californian punk rock band The Offspring released a demo tape for their album Smash, a year prior to the release of the finished album, which went on to become the best-selling independent record of all time. The demo tape remains unreleased to the public, but according to the Wikipedia page of the band's discography[1], it was released in 1993 on a cassette tape. The only evidence to the tape's existence is a tweet from guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman[2].

Track List:[1]


  1. "In Colorado" ("Nitro (Youth Energy)")
  2. "Genocide"
  3. "Man on a Wheel" ("Smash")
  4. "It'll Be a Long Time"
  5. "Really, Really Punk" ("So Alone")
  6. "Something to Believe In"
  7. "Killboy" ("Killboy Powerhead")
  8. "Bad Habit"


  1. "Cogs" ("Gotta Get Away") - Cogs is known to have been written in the early years of the band's existence when they were called Manic Subsidal, as stated by frontman Bryan "Dexter" Holland[3].
  2. "I'm Not the One" ("Not the One")
  3. "Old Slow One" ("Self Esteem")

Additional Lost Offspring Media

  • The first recordings by the Offspring from 1984/85 (then under the name 'Manic Subsidal') were recorded on a demo tape labeled "First ManSub Demo". The only copy known to exist is in the possession of current Offspring guitarist Noodles, who tweeted out his discovery.[4] This tape preceded Noodles' tenure in the band, and helped convince him to join. He later comments how the tape broke when attempting to rewind it, but it was fixed.
  • Marcus Parrish, who had a brief stint as the band's guitarist claims that his sole recording with the band in 1984 was a live jam recorded to a cassette called "Private World".[5] The status of this cassette is unknown; there is a possibility that it may be the same tape that Noodles owns. He later recorded a performance of a lost Offspring song for Facebook, but this video has been lost as well.
  • When the Offspring's debut album was released on cassette in 1989, a bonus track was added to the end, a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe." Copies of this cassette are extremely scarce, and no recordings of "Hey Joe" are available online. The band re-recorded the track in 1991 for their Baghdad EP, and again in 1997 as a B-side for the Gone Away CD single.
  • Frontman Dexter Holland confirmed the existence of a 1992 demo tape which preceded the Offspring's second album, Ignition. The tape was sent to Epitaph Records, and Holland comments that "Session" was the song that convinced the label to sign the band (this was the only confirmed song out of the four on the tape).[6] Session was later re-recorded for Ignition.
  • "Pass Me By" is a song recorded for the album Splinter in 2003, but left off the album. A 25 second snippet of the song exists, but it has never been released in full.


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