Lost Media Archive

Paseo Del Mar is a street across the area of San Pedro, a place in Los Angeles, California; founded since the late 1900s when the cliff side area was used to house gun cannons to attack German planes and warships during World War One, that being stationed as the Fort MacArthur war bases until decommissioned in 1974 during the rarity of the Cold War by the Soviet Union, and to make the street habitable for citizens to live close by. Alternatively, new roadways were being built for cars to travel from the White Point cliffs to the Mainway, and cleaned up over the years to looks nice for visitors.[1] However, since the mid 2000s, geologic surveys were made that the dirt and Earth debris left part of the street was considered to have experienced cracks underneath,https://blogs.agu.org/landslideblog/files/2011/11/11_11-San-Pedro-3.jpg-%3E and by 2009 aware of the situation workers began fixing the brokered crevasses of the streets dirt way. The bridge became stable for cars to drive through the family safe streetway, until in October of 2011, the cracks in the street appeared on the roadways again, fearing citizens to be precautious on what would happen to the bridge near the White Point cliffs. Then came judgement week when of November 15th-21st, 2011, the bridge finally was destroyed by a landslide when it was raining at when no cars were drive around the area, with no reports of any injuries or deaths speculated.

November 21st of that morning, local news have finally told citizens across Los Angeles that the bridge was destroyed by the landslide hours late. This does come towards lost media, when the KTLA 5 news team hired news anchor Eric Spillman to get an exclusive interview with Republican Janice Hahn who was discussing about the bridge being damaged and her concern about the homes towards the edge of the Point Fermin cliffside that those many lives were endanger of another landslide going to take place, which didn't happen, and all civilians were still safe. That same time ABC7 news choppers flew over to record the incident of the landslide.[2]

And so, over 9 years to this day, the bridge still isn't fixed, due to geologists concerned about the stability of the fragile terrain that can still be caring the bridge debris with heavy rain moving along with it.

For some the news reports from both news stations, the BBC, NBC[3] and most of ABC7's reports of the landslide incident that were covered on TV are locked away and remain unseen through their archive entirety. Also for the interview report of Eric Spillman with Janice Hahn's landslide coverage from KTLA5 video reports, they have no further release of the recorded interview and remain lost to this day. The only evidence of the interview that exists, was the basic pre-records from the YouTube channel: San Pedro News Pilot.[4]