The Polka Dot Door was a program that aired on TVO and featured the characters Marigold, Bear, Humpty and Dumpty. This page deals with the Christmas episodes, which have not aired since the 90s and must therefore be presumed to be lost.


The Christmas episodes were spread out over five days and different activities were performed on different days, storytime on Wednesday and Polkaroo on Thursday, for example. They were hosted by a gentleman of African descent, and a woman who were not the regular hosts at that time, and were run annually on Christmas week, the final episode airing on Christmas evening despite the day on which it happened. This episode ended with the hosts tucking in the toys for the night and then exiting through the Polka Dot Door. These episodes last aired in 1995 for the show's final season and haven't been seen since that time because the show went off the air that year.


TVO is now conducting a preservation drive at its archives, and possibly these lost Christmas episodes will turn up soon. Until then, they must sadly be presumed to be lost.

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