The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series, created in 1998. A British dub of the show supposedly aired on Channel 5's block for preschoolers. The video games based on the series were also said to be redubbed with UK voice actors just like with Thomas & Friends when Thomas & Friends has both US and UK dubs, however, the Powerpuff Girls' UK voice actors put on American accents. Some characters remain their original voice actors, including Professor Utonium and Mojo Jojo.

It was later dropped due to complaints from fans. A picture from the episode "Super Zeroes" captured from Channel 5 has surfaced online, and the episode "Knock It Off" also captured from Channel 5 as well, but uses the US version instead.

Jo Wyatt, the British voice of Buttercup, has included a small voice clip as part of her demo reel , though it seems to use edited footage from the US dub.

Existence has been confirmed of this dub, by people from the UK who used to watch it on Channel 5's Milkshake! strand. They then showed the US dub after people emailed in asking why the voices were different on Cartoon Network. However, conclusive proof of its existence has yet to surface, and it may very well be another example of the Mandela Effect.


A scene from the episode "Super Zeroes", in which Bubbles (voiced by Tara Strong in the original dub and Emma Tate in the UK dub) is rummaging around in a box. The Channel 5 DOG can be seen in the top left hand corner.

A scene from the US version of the episode "Knock It Off", captured from the Channel 5 airing.

Voice Actors and Actresses

The Girls

Blossom - Maria Darling

Bubbles - Emma Tate

Buttercup - Jo Wyatt


Narrator - Simon Greenall

Professor Utonium - Tom Kane (retained from the US dub)

Mayor of Townsville - Rob Rackstraw

Talking Dog - Jimmy Hibbert

Ms. Keane - Teresa Gallagher

Ms. Bellum - Teresa Gallagher


Mitch Mitchelson - Rob Rackstraw

Mojo Jojo - Roger L. Jackson (retained from the US dub)

Fuzzy Lumpkins - Jim Cummings (retained from the US dub)

Him - Jimmy Hibbert

Princess Morbucks - Teresa Gallagher

Sedusa - Kate Harbour

The Ganggreen Gang

Ace - Jimmy Hibbert

Snake - Rob Rackstraw

Lil' Arturo - David Holt

Grubber - Jeff Bennett (retained from the US dub)

Big Billy - Jeff Bennett (retained from the US dub)

The Amoeba Boys

Bossman - Jimmy Hibbert

Junior - David Holt

Slim - Rob Rackstraw

The Rowdyruff Boys

Brick - Rob Rackstraw

Boomer - Rob Rackstraw

Butch - Jimmy Hibbert


Same Language Dub

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