The Powerpuff Girls is an American superhero animated television series that aired on the Cartoon Network from 1998-2005. The show has gone on to be dubbed in various languages and has gained global recognition through its French, Italian, two Spanish dubs and more.

However, many dubs are reportedly and have not resurfaced to this day. Some of these dubs are rumored to exist, while others are officially confirmed, but cannot be fully found, or found at all.

United Kingdom

The most notable lost dub is from the UK, where there was a British English re-dub. According to Rob Rackshaw's Wikipedia, the show aired on Channel 5 from 2000-2002, but how long the dub ran for is unknown, but it is supposedly up until season 2. The dub was cancelled due to fan complaints, since Cartoon Network UK was airing the original American version, and Channel 5 aired the American version as a result of this.

The only evidence of the dub are the voice actors, a screenshot (although, whether it is from the UK dub or American version is unknown) and an audio reel from Jo Wyatt's website. This audio reel is most likely lines from the Boogey Frights episode, although, background music was added in that was not from the series, and the lines in the audio reel are not in order as to how they appeared in the episode.

An airing of the episode Forced kin from season 4 was also captured, but it is the original American version.

The Powerpuff Girls- UK Dub Audio Clip

The Powerpuff Girls- UK Dub Audio Clip

Jo Wyatt's audio reel of the British English dub, from the first scene of the episode Boogie Frights.










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