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The Rogue Song was a romantic musical film released on May 10, 1930. Directed by Lionel Barrymore and Hal Roach, the film is about singing bandit leader Yegor (Lawrence Tibbett) falling in love with Princess Vera (Catherine Dale Owen), only to take revenge on her after her brother, Prince Serge, rapes and kills his sister, Nadja. In order to increase the film's box office appeal, ten Laurel and Hardy segments were filmed at the last minute.

The film in its entirety was held in MGM Vault #7 until the infamous fire on May 13, 1967, which destroyed a lot of films including this one. Despite numerous search efforts for the movie, only three segments have survived, including a dancing sequence, one of the Laurel and Hardy segments, and the trailer for the film.


The Rogue Song 1930 Surviving Fragments - Technicolor-0