Its Last Hd Public Appearance Was In SDCC 2018 When They Showed It To Bronies And Other People 30% Recorded The Trailer But (Its Recorded/Its Bright/Its Loud/Its Annoying) Hasbro Is Dumb To Release It On Their Youtube Channel Even Though The Special Is Releasing In March/30/2019 Its Like Hasbro Is Annoying To Publicly Release The Trailer On Pulbic Hd


SDCC 2018 Equestria Girls Spring Breakdown Trailer-0

The Only Footage Were People Recording The Trailer But No One Ever Kept The Hd Trailer Only 1/100 Kept The Trailer On Their Computers Or Devices Preserved?

If You Have It Release The Trailer To Youtube Or Download Links For Other Keepings?

One Day Someone Will Release The Trailer...Somewhere?

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