The Santa Clause probably needs no introduction. Released in 1994, it stars Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, a man who accidentally sends Santa Claus falling from his roof on Christmas Eve. Scott and his son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd), later wrap up Kris Kringle's trek and head to the North Pole, realizing that Scott must fill in for Santa and get the word out to his loved ones that Scott is, in fact, Santa. Over the years several scenes have been edited out of future broadcasts and releases. There are a few brief scenes included in the original trailer that have never been released however.


1-800 SPANK-ME

  • Laura Miller (Wendy Crewson) hands Scott a paper containing Dr. Neil Miller (Judge Reinhold)'s mother's phone number, Scott exclaims: "1-800-SPANK-ME? I know that number!" While not lost, the scene was removed from all releases and airings of the movie due to a 1996 incident where a child called that number and racked up a $400 phone bill, and the number was found to be a sex line. After numerous complaints from parents after the initial incident, Disney quickly bought the number and deactivated it. The scene can only be found on the original 1995 VHS/Laserdisc edition.

Unreleased Trailer Scenes

  • Scott plays with a doll he’s delivering before hearing a voice say “Who’s down there?!” followed by the sound of a shotgun being loaded.
  • Scott conversing with a man in front of a children’s play area behind a two-way mirror who tells him to “Have a piece of fruit for God’s sake” followed by Scott goofily grinning at him.

Additional Deleted Scenes

  • Jeffrey Katzenberg attended a test screening for the film and declared it too long, so some scenes involving Charlie dealing with Scott having become Santa Claus were cut from the film. One such scene involved another meeting with the rude boy from the classroom scene.


  • Original trailer with deleted scenes [1]
  • 1-800-SPANK-ME scene: [2]

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