In 2002, Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida began production on an all new Disney animated feature titled The Search for Mickey Mouse. The plot of the film is said to involve Mickey (played by the now late Wayne Allwine) getting "Mouse-Napped", which results in Minnie Mouse (Russi Taylor) hiring Basil of Baker Street (fresh from the 1986 animated film The Great Mouse Detective) to help find him. Minnie, Basil, Donald Duck (Tony Anselmo), and Goofy (Bill Farmer) end up traveling the globe to find Mickey, all while encountering at least one character from every Disney animated film to exist at the time. Some of these characters would include Alice (Kathryn Beaumont) from Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin (Scott Weinger), and Peter Pan (Blayne Weaver).[1]

No new information on the film was revealed that year. There was, however, speculation that the film would be done in CGI featuring a CGI Mickey that had been used in test footage for an upcoming Direct to DVD project, which featured the same characters and voice actors, and was slated to be released in 2004. This, however, was debunked as it was instead used for a CGI film called Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, as well as for the Walt Disney World Attraction, Mickey's Philharmagic. With no new information, many believed the project to be cancelled until 2005, when WDW Radio (a podcast website) reported that the film would be released in 2012 as Walt Disney Animation Studio's 50th Animated Feature, bringing new hope back into the project. However, an inconsistency occurred when Tangled became the studio's 50th Animated Feature in 2010. No footage or screenshots have surfaced, and it is currently unknown if the project will ever continue production.


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