The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show was a short-lived Disney series from 1995 about a cat and a dog who constantly fought while their owners left them home alone. The show featured gross-out gags and extreme slapstick in a similar vein as Ren & Stimpy, albeit heavily-censored in order to fit Disney Channel's censorship guidelines. It came packaged with two other back-up cartoons called Pith Possum: Super Dynamic Possum of Tomorrow and Tex Tinstar: Best in the West. It had a very brief run on The Disney Afternoon syndicated line up and was later recycled into reruns on Toon Disney. As of now, all 13 episodes, that are confirmed to exist, have shown up on YouTube.

Confirmed Missing Episodes

The following missing episodes are known to exist. The episodes that have appeared online are:

  • "Weight for Me/The Phantom Mask of the Dark Black Darkness of Black/A Fistful of Foodstamps"
  • "Ow, Hey!/Darkness on the Edge of Black/For a Few Foodstamps More"
  • "Bugging Out/Night of Darkness/The Good, The Bad, and The Wiggly"
  • "Poodle Panic/The Darkness, It is Dark!/Low Pants Drifter"
  • "Cabin Fever/Return of the Night of Blacker Darkness/Stale Rider"
  • "Pain in the Brain/Haunt of the Night of Blacker Darkness/Loathsome Dove"
  • "Step-Ladder to Heaven/Bride of Darkness/The Magnificent Eleven"
  • "Kung-fu Kitty/Son of the Cursed Black of Darkness/Saddlesores, Sagebrush, and Seaweed"
  • "I.Q., You Too!/The Light of Darkness/Slap-Happy Trails"
  • "Something Fishy/Return of the Dark Mask of Phantom Blackness/My Spine Hurts"
  • "Night of the Living Shnookums/Dark of the Darker Darkness/The Vinyl Frontier"
  • "Jingle Bells, Something Smells/Dark Quest for Darkness/Hey, Careful, That's My Cerebellum"
  • "What a Turkey!/Light or Dark Meat?/There Are Spiders All Over Me!"

Unconfirmed Missing Episodes[1] lists three more Shnookums and Meat segments that are not mentioned in other guides. These episodes include "Dog Pound Rock" where Shnookums has to save Meat from the pound, "Send in the Clones" where Shnookums gets cloned, and "Circus Life" where Meat joins the circus. There is no mention on the Pith Possum and Tex Tinstar shorts that would have been packaged with them. These are most likely hoaxes because the descriptions for the confirmed episodes are horribly inaccurate as well as the alleged airdates of the summer of 1995 on Toon Disney when the channel did not even exist. 

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