The Shoe People is a 1987 British children's television Show Created by James Driscoll that ran from 1987 to 1992 by Filmfair (currently WildBrain) and aired on TV-am and CITV, featuring the voice of Philip Whitchurch (who is also the narrator), and later Jo Wyatt in 1992. The show was aired on Nick Jr.'s Eureeka's Castle as a segment, these were redubbed for the American audiences, Similar to Roobarb (which was also shown on a segment on the same Nick Jr. show), Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, Peppa Pig, and The Magic Roundabout (renamed The Magic Carousel for US audiences) however only part of an episode has resurfaced, that episode being "Delay at Shoetown Railway Station". The voice cast and narration is currently unknown.The Rest of the 25 Episodes will likely be on an old video tape somewhere picking up dust

Lost Episodes

Can you keep a Secret?


Eureeka's Castle (partial episode)

The only Episode (Partial)

Sergeant Major

A Day at the Seaside


Trampy's Birthday Surprise



A Rainy Day Problem

Tea at the Little Big Top

Fun and Games in the Park

Charlie's Car

P.C. Boot to the Rescue

Trampy's Dream

The Fair Comes to Shoetown


The Windmill Has Stopped

A Job for Wellington

Margot's Mirror

The Missing Jumble

The Paper Chase

Where's Baby Bootee

Trampy Mows the Lawn

The Great Sledge Race

The Mystery Tour

Our Very Own Circus

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