In December 2013, Sony Pictures announced that they would be making a cinematic universe based around the Marvel character Spider-Man.The film that would kick off this cinematic universe was a film based on the Sinister Six comic, along a movie based on Venom. The movie would be directed and written by Drew Goddard, and would be a redemption story for the characters. The movie would have been released in November of 2016 and then a Black Cat movie in 2017, followed by another The Amazing Spider-Man movie in 2018. In 2015, Marvel Studios announced that they had struck a deal with Sony Pictures, allowing Spider-Man to appear in the MCU, but let Sony keep the rights to the film. Due to this, Sony canceled The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and halted the development on The Sinister Six. Though The Sinister Six isn't technically canceled, the film will be likely re-casted and different from what would have been originally planned. Though it is confirmed that this Spider-Man cinematic universe is cancelled.
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