The SoulTaker is a 2001 anime series produced by Tatsunoko productions with consists of 13 episodes and was aired for first time in the year 2001, this series was the first attempt of the company to create a more mature and darker show and also the first anime show of the company which was animated digitally and aired in high definition.

It also has an obsucre dub made in mexico made by Towers Entertainment.


The show was released in Latin Spanish at some moment of the 2000s in four DVD volumes with three episodes each one, Not so much is known about the cast of the dub except for two voice actors. The dub was never aired on TV, and due to the lack of notoriety in latin america no clips nor full episodes in Latin Spanish have resufraced online, Only the original japanese version with subtitles can be found online.

One DVD volume was found in México In early 2021 someone bought a DVD and uploaded via MEGA three episodes

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