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The Spooks of Bottle Bay Opening

The Spooks of Bottle Bay was a British 1990s children's drama series with the entire cast being puppets. It ran from 1993 until 1995 and no re-airings of the show have occured since. 

The show itself takes place inside a ship in a bottle, where the main characters, Sidney Sludge and his dog, Maxwell, go on adventures while being caused trouble by his siblings, Cedric and Sybil. He would always be assisted (although oblivious to the fact) by the titular characters known as the Spooks of Bottle Bay. They are three ghosts by the names of Sally Spook, Fred Spook and Baby Spook.  

Despite VHS home releases for some of seasons one, two and three, no direct home releases have occured since 2004. While much of the series remains lost, viewers have reportedly been trading early recordings, meaning there may be more episodes to be found out there.