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The Three Friends and Jerry is a Swedish/German/British animated series. The series was created by Magnus Carlsson and produced by Happy Life and TMO-Loonland Film GmbH in association with Nickelodeon UK and Nickelodeon Germany. The series was distributed by HIT Entertainment internationally.

In the United States, the show aired from 1998 to 2000 on Fox Family Channel. It also appeared on Sprout's video on demand service in 2005. (This was because the show's distributor, HIT Entertainment, was one of the founding companies behind Sprout.)

In Canada, the series aired on YTV. In the UK and Australia, it aired on Nickelodeon.


The episodes can be found easily online, thus making it found for the most part.


This one is seemingly lost, no episodes have been found yet.


Only 2 episodes of this dub has been found, and it aired on NPO Zappelin, NPO Zapp, Cartoon Network and Ketnet.


Mostly found and can be found on places like YouTube, the only episodes that are missing in English are "Kissing Linda", "Bank Robbery", "Ant Hill", "Secret Mission", "Hackers", "Caretaker", "TV Gossip", “Genie in the Glass” and “Forbidden Fruit”. Interestingly, while the dub has a British narrator, the episode "Country Cousin" has an American narrator, meaning there could be a lost American dub that replaces the British narrator with an American one.


It aired on Fox Kids, France 2 and KD2A, but the dub is completely lost.


Completely found, as you can view on the official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5cot0r9HBws_PEw4j1ipbw

Fun Fact: It was one of the few Jetix programs to be carried over to Disney XD's schedule after the rebrand in October.


No episodes have resurfaced of this one, but we do know it was called "Η Συμμορία και ο Τζέρυ" and aired on Alfa TV and K-T.V. but other than that, nothing is known about this one.


Not much is known about this one, all we know is that it aired on Arutz Hayeladim.


Mostly found, pretty much all the episodes can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OpuR47kYdA&list=PLnnfpejaJrNJWtWgQEcMMsgMNuNa_3tas


A Japanese dub called "3匹の仲間と敗者!" (English: 3 Fellows and a Dork!) was made and aired on Cartoon Network from 2000 until Summer of 2003, however, only the intro has surfaced on the internet.


This dub is mainly lost, as of 2021, only 1 episode "Work Experience" has resurfaced.


There are two Polish versions, 1st one being a voice over and the second being an actual dub, while the dub can be found easily, the voice over however is completely lost.

Portuguese (Brazilian)

Not much is known about this one, all we know is that it aired on Nickelodeon in Brazil. There's also no Portugal dub of the show making this the only Portuguese dub.

Spanish (Latin American)

The show was dubbed into Latin American Spanish and aired on Nickelodeon and MTV in Latin America in 1999, the dub is mostly lost, with the only footage of the dub being just a commercial of the year 2000 and a clip of the episode "Jerry's Lucky Day"

The cast of the dub is this:

Jerry Gabriel Ramos
Frank Alan Fernando Velázquez
Eric Uraz Huerta
Thomas Gaby Willer
Linda Gaby Ugarte
Tess Alondra Hidalgo
Mimi Christine Byrd
Oscar Alfredo Lara
Tony Emmanuel Rivas
Jerry's Mom Norma Echevarría
Jerry's Dad Marcos Patiño
Teacher Mónica Villaseñor
Father Dick Roberto Mendiola
Frank's Mom Patricia Quintero
Frank's Dad Alfonso Ramírez
Principal Gabriel Chávez
Ingrid Nelly Horsman
Thomas' Dad Alejandro Illescas
Thomas' Mom Olga Hnidey
Linda's Mom Pilar Escandón
Linda's Dad Ismael Castro
Eric's Mom Norma Iturbe
Hillary María Fernanda Morales
Mary Anne Ariadna Rivas
Zeke Víctor Mares
Cinema girl Ángela Villanueva
Narrator Blas García


This is one is found as it can be found easily on YouTube.